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Hi there!

Throughout my life I always had friends who rode, and I knew one day it would be my turn. Finally in 2011 I took a beginner riding course and got the “M” on my driver’s license. It was thrilling, but not nearly enough. After much searching and discussion, a beautiful, orange, 2012 Honda Shadow took up residence in my garage. The guys at the shop encouraged me to join a riding club, and the next thing I knew I was at the Wayne Park Diner, surrounded by a diverse group of kind and knowledgeable women who also happened to ride. Then, there I was in the staggered formation on the way up to Bear Mountain. At long last, I was enjoying the freedom of riding on beautiful country roads, feeling confident in the support of my new friends. Plenty of Renegade rides since that day have helped hone my riding skills. More importantly though, I belong to a group of women who support each other in myriad ways, not just on two (or three) wheels, but on the road of life.

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