Melissa "Spike"

As one of the Founding 5, we started the NJ Renegade chapter so that we could ride with other women who loved riding as much as we do. I think that guys ride different than women (my opinion only) I have ridden with my brothers and their crews for years. But when I met my fellow Renegades that was when I truly learned to ride. I learned to ride at my own pace, to take in the scenery, to enjoy myself. It isn’t about who has the biggest or loudest bike, or who can ride the fastest, we don’t bar hop, we ride. We ride because we love to ride. We learn from each other, we help each other out and we encourage each other. No drama. No power trips. But I have to confess you must love ice-cream, that is usually a given stop at the end of our rides! I have been riding dirt bikes, and mini bikes, since I was a kid. As a grown ass woman, I can tell you there isn’t anything else I would rather do. It destresses me from work or anything else that comes my way. Riding clears my head. They say it is cheaper than therapy, and I have to agree! We have assembled a great bunch of women riders. Won’t you come join us? We would love to ride with you.


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