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My name is Maria. As a woman and being told that motorcycling was a man’s sport and I should only ride on the back of a motorcycle I decided to take the Riders Education class in 2003 without anyone knowing, got that “M” endorsement on my driver’s license and got my first motorcycle, a Suzuki Savage 650 and off I went on my own. On my search to find women to ride with I found Women in the Wind and met my sister riders from the NJ Renegades. I bought my second bike in 2006, a Kawasaki Vulcan 900 and enjoyed the freedom of riding with the wind in my face. Due to medical reasons I can’t ride like I want to anymore but if I do go out for a ride I keep my rides short and sweet. Besides being a great riding club this wonderful group of ladies are the most supportive, caring and fun loving women who are true friends and I am proud to be part of this sisterhood that we created called the New Jersey Renegades.

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