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Hey everyone, my name is Sue Roth. I have always enjoyed riding, and have ridden for many years, but for most of my life I was a passenger looking over my husband’s shoulder as we rode down the highways. I always thought I’d enjoy riding my own, with the wind in my face and leaning into the curves. Finally, at 54, I stopped thinking and made the decision. I gave myself a birthday present of the motorcycle safety course – I spent my birthday weekend learning how to ride in a downpour. I was cold, soaked to the skin and mostly unable to see where I was going, but I loved it and I wasn’t about to quit. I passed the test and got that beautiful M endorsement on my license!

My first bike was a 1997 Honda 250 – a precursor to the Rebel series. It was great! I could toss it around, pick it up if I layed it down and I rode all over the place. At Christmas, my husband & I gave each other 2007 Harley Davidson Dynas, he got the Street Bob, I chose the FXDC Custom because I really liked the dashboard. Wow what a change! The first time I twisted the throttle I thought I was going flying off the back! But I immediately fell in love with it and practiced, riding in parking lots, and then out on local streets and then the highways. I wanted to “ride my own” to Laconia that June, so along with a friend, did some training rides to get my butt ready for a 6 hour ride! Such fun, even in the rain and slop. I was hooked!

In 2011 I asked my friend about joining WITW, but her chapter was too far away for me to join so, on her advice I went to a local multi-chapter event and met Nancy. She invited me to my first Renegades meeting – middle of the winter – so I wasn’t even able to ride together yet. I was then invited to the holiday party where I was treated like a sister and that was all it took.

The Renegades will always be home for me. The women are as diverse as their bikes and that’s what makes it so much fun! Of course we ride, we a riding club, but it’s way more than just that, we are truly a family, supporting each other in all aspects of our lives.

Come join us!

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