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Hi Everyone, my name is Cindy Cooney. I was introduced to motorcycles through my boyfriend back in 1990 when I used to ride on the back of his bike. Eventually I married this man and continued being a passenger on a motorcycle. We later purchased a 1997 Honda Interstate because I thought it would be an opportunity to do some long-distance traveling. But sadly, he wasn’t comfortable with that bike and sold it, eventually giving up motorcycle riding all together. I have no idea how many years passed, but time has a way of teaching us what matters. I missed riding. I missed the feeling of freedom, wind in my face and riding into the beautiful countryside. For years, I have watched other people riding motorcycles and thought – I can do this. In the summer of 2016, during three of the most humid days, I took the motorcycle safety course and earned my license. It was another year before I could purchase a bike and with the support of my husband I chose a 2013 Suzuki S40 that I rode a few times to Vermont and back. That little bike lasted one season as I soon learned that I really love driving long distance and I needed a much more comfortable bike. My new ride is a 2016 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic LT. With this bike I completed the WITW 1000 miles x 2 days competition and I am looking to do more long distance rides. The feeling of riding on a motorcycle is priceless. It is hard to put into words, you need to experience this yourself.

I was looking for a women’s motorcycle group where I could learn more about safety and riding. After researching the internet, I found Women in the Wind organization and discovered the local chapter, the NJ Renegades. After a visit to the website, I filled out the contact information form and attended my first meeting which was later that week. In about a month, I qualified for the NJ Renegades. It doesn’t matter the type of bike you ride, you just need to have the passion for riding. This is an amazing group of women where I learn something new every time I ride with these girls. I love the support, community service and camaraderie that we share. I look forward to being an active member of the NJ Renegades.

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