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Membership is open to women with:

  • A lawful motorcycle license endorsement or permit

  • Any make or model of motorcycle

  • Proof of valid motorcycle insurance

Although not required, most of our members have completed a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) course or its equivalent. We always promote a safe ride and plan our rides with the abilities of all taken into account.

The membership process involves the completion of:

  • 3 rides with a minimum of 3 members participating

  • Attendance at 2 monthly meetings

  • Being voted in by a majority of the chapter

Annual membership is $45:  $20 to the International Office of Women in the Wind and $25 to the NJ Renegades Chapter. This fee is prorated over the course of the year.

We hope you find a second family with the NJ Renegades Chapter.  We look forward to riding with you!


Top 10 Reasons Why the Women in the Wind – NJ Renegades Chapter ROCKS! –By Paige

10. We have the coolest color patch in all of Northern NJ

9. We stop on almost every ride to get ice cream

8. We don’t care what kind of motorcycle you ride

7. We all have nicknames

6. When you’re a Renegade, you’re family

5. We make wearing leather sexy

4. You don’t have to be crazy to be a Renegade, but it makes the ride more fun if you are

3. We give of our money, time and efforts to all different kinds of charities

2. Renegade Biker Chicks are hot!


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