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Hi! I’m Nancy. When I was 15, the man that I eventually married took me for my first ride. I was hooked; I guess that I’d have been happy on the back forever but fate had other ideas so when I found myself the sole surviving parent of young kids, I felt that I couldn’t have an inherently dangerous sport so I put that thought away. Just before I turned 60, I went jet skiing for the first time and *knew* it was time to get my license. Though I have family and friends who ride, no one had time for the newbie. I met a bunch of really nice guys who welcomed me but their riding style was more *serious* than mine. Through that group, I met a WITW member who introduced me to the NJ Renegades. What a great bunch of women who just happen to all ride motorcycles! That may be what brought us together but the sisterhood, the friendship extends way beyond the ride.

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